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DOSS - Diabetes and Obesity Surgical Solutions

A leading Center of Excellence in Diabetes Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Robotic Weightloss Surgery, Laparoscopic Hernia and GI Surgeries based in Pune, India

DOSS is the only IEF(International Excellence Federation) certified facility in Pune and Western Maharashtra. IEF is Taiwan based International Organization that supports Bariatric surgeons across the globe with up-to-date inputs on latest Technology, Research, Developments, Techniques and Procedures so that patients always enjoy most advanced treatment.

DOSS is available at multiple locations at Pune for patient convenience, our practice locations include the prestigious Ruby Hall Clinic Main Campus on Station Road, Ruby Hall Clinics at Hinjewadi and Wanowarie, MJM Hospital Shivajinagar and 7 Orange Hospital Chinchwad.

About Team doss

DOSS is founded by Dr. Satish Pattanshetti and Dr. Neeraj Rayate – leading minimally invasive, obesity and metabolic surgeons of India, who have combined experience of 25 years with average 1000 patients operated per year.

DOSS is a team of top-notch surgeons and multi disciplinary clinicians complementing one another to ensure the best clinical outcomes to each one of our patients and to raise treatment excellence for Obesity and Morbid Obesity.

  • Dr. Satish PattanshettiM.B.B.S (Seth G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai)
  • M.S (B.J. Medical College, Pune)
  • Fellow in Minimal Access Surgery from A M A S I
  • Fellow in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (FALS) from IAGES
  • Fellow in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery from E-Da Hospital, Taiwan
  • Dr Pattanshetti is the Founder of DOSS and a leading Diabetes, Bariatric and GI Minimally invasive surgeon.
  • He is also an expert in single incision laparoscopic obesity surgery.
  • Dr. Neeraj RayateM.B.B.S. (Dr. V. M. Medical College, Solapur)
  • M.S. (Government Medical College & Civil Hospital, Sangli)
  • DNB Surgery (Diplomate of National Board)
  • Fellowship in GI and Onco Surgery (Athens Medical Center, Greece)
  • Fellowship in Gynae Endoscopy (Giessen School of Endoscopic Surgery, Germany)
  • Trained and Certified Robotic Surgeon
  • Dr Rayate is Co-Founder of DOSS and Head of Laparoscopic, Robotic and Bariatric Surgery Unit at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune.

dr. rohit

  • M.B.B.S: Feb .2007 B. J. Medical College and Sassoon hospital Pune.
    DNB[General Surgery]: June 2012, Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital and Sanjeevan hospital, Pune.
    Fellowship IAGES ( Minimal access surgery.)
  • Surgical Experience:
  1. DNB training in General surgery, DMH Pune
  2. Junior registrar (JR) in SKN medical college and hospital.
  3. Senior Registrar (SR) in SKN medical college and hospital.
  4. Senior Registrar(SR) PDVVPF’S Medical college and Hospital.
  5. Asst. Professor –PDVVPF’S Medical college and Hospital.
  6.  Consultant General, Laparoscopic Surgeon and endoscopist
    (Galaxy hospital Ahmednagar).
  7. Consultant General, Laparoscopic surgeon and endoscopist at Saishree hospital, Aundh Pune.
  • Special interests:   Laparoscopic minimal access surgery, Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, Surgical Gastroenterology, Trauma surgery, coloproctology, laser fistula, and piles treatment.
  • Dr-Mandar-Dhamangaonkar(General & Laparoscopic Surgeon)
  • M.B.B.S.
  • M.S.
  • F.M.A.S.
  • F.I.C.S.
  • P.G.D.M.L.S.
  • Dr-Amol-Mulay(Consultant & Laparoscopic Surgeon)
  • M.B.B.S. from Rajiv Gandhi Medical College Thane
  • DNB (Gen. Surgery) from Ruby Hall Clinic.
  • Dr-Suhas-Sudhakar-Patil(Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon)
  • Laser Proctology
  • M.B.B.S. – B.J. Medical College & Sasoon Hospital (2004)
  • DNB – Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science, Sevagram, Vardha (2012)
  • F.M.A.S. – Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery (MUHS) (2017)
  • Areas of special interests…. Laparoscopic surgery, minimally invasive Proctology including laser piles, laser fissure, laser fistula and anorectal diseases


Assistant Professor – Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad: Jun – 19 to Till Now

  1. Performed several types of general surgeries.
  2. Over 100 open Appendectomy and inguinal hernias.
  3. Over 50 laparoscopic Appendectomy.
  4. 20-25 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy and hernia.
  5. More than 100 Laparotomies for various reasons like Perforation peritonitis, Intestinal obstruction, NEC, Billroth 1 & 2. Right & Left Hemicolectomy  APR.
  6. I also performed Coloplasty for Esophageal bypass.
  7. Vascular surgery like Varicose veins, Arteriotomy & Vascular anastomosis.
  8. Pediatric surgery like congenital hernia, CHPS, Intestinal atresia, Malrotation of Gut.
  9. Thyroid and Breast surgery.
  10. Skin grafting, Flaps, Tendon repair, etc.

Also, Experience in the following

  1. Nephrectomy (Partial and Radical).
  2. Triple bypass surgery and Hepatobiliary surgery.
  3. Simple Hysterectomy & Panhysterectomy, Laparoscopic ovarian cyst drilling, and Excision.
  4. OPD, Ward and ICU management, pre-operative assessment and postoperative management
  5. .Provided care as a first responder in a variety of emergency medical situations.
  6. Organizing committee member of various state & national level Conference and CME at KIMS.  Conducting Postgraduate Seminars & CME.
  7. Management of Departmental & academic work.


  1. Laparoscopy.
  2. Upper and Lower GI Endoscopy.
  3. Pediatric GI surgery.
  4. Basic and Advanced Life support training.
  5. Proficiency in diagnosing conditions that require general surgery.
  6. Good communication skills – for speaking to the medical team, Patients and their families; for listening to and understanding the concerns of a wide range of people and earning their trust.
  7. Harmonious interpersonal relations with fellow physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  8. Ability to organize and prioritize workload effectively.
  9. Brilliant decision-making capabilities especially during emergency situations.

Dr. Pranav Mene

  • DNB – Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune (2019)
  • M.B.B.S. – B.J. Medical College, Pune (2013)


Currently working as Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon at DOSS since Dec 2019.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Satish & Dr. Neeraj Interview

Dr. Neeraj Rayate Interview

Speech by Dr. Neeraj Rayate

Interview of Dr. Satish Pattanshetti

TV Interview

Hello Doctor Interview

The DOSS Multi-Disciplinary Team consists of:

  • A Dietitian experienced in providing dietary advice to Diabetes and Weight loss surgery patients
  • A Clinical Psychologist and counselor to help patients address pre and post-surgery journey smoothly
  • Exercise Science Specialist to teach stress-free exercises and keep patients motivated for exercise after surgery
  • Anesthetists with experience of handling overweight patients with co-morbidities (eg sleep apnea).
  • A Specialist weight loss surgery clinical nurse.

BMI Calculator

Your BMI is

Overweight when BMI is from 25 to 29 kg/ square meter.

Healthy weight when BMI is from 20 to 25 and

Underweight if BMI is less than 20.


DOSS is the first team to perform Robotic Bariatric Surgery in Pune and rest of Maharashtra (except Mumbai)


Icon 1Surgeons at DOSS are known for their expertise in complicated obesity, revision and laparoscopic surgeries. Every patient has a personal consultation with the independent surgeon. During surgery, team of Dr Pattanshetti and Dr Rayate, two advanced laparoscopic surgeons, work together for each surgery. Thus, reducing the time taken for each surgery by half and creating a superior outcome than in a single surgeon centre.

Icon 2Patients go through an individual assessment with all DOSS Team members so that the DOSS team can understand each patient’s specific needs and prepare him or her well for the transformed life as a result of surgery. Such specialized attention helps patients achieve their desired goal of sustained weight loss and improved quality of life in the long run.

Icon 3Besides Bariatric surgery, DOSS offers healthcare services in diagnostics, primary care, day care and a wide range of Laparoscopic surgical clinical services. Consult one of our surgeons to understand the specifics of the procedures and determine the procedure most appropriate for you.

Icon 4Schedule the surgery at a location convenient to you to eliminate the discomfort of long travel post-surgery. Visit our partners’ page to determine the hospitals as per your convenience and budget.

Icon 5

At DOSS your dietitian will structure a diet plan, based on your pre-surgery dietary pattern. After surgery, your dietitian will guide you to help you manage your diet.

Your package includes appointments with your surgeon and specialist weight loss coordinator and a dedicated telephone number to access support after surgery for life time.

Icon 6Our unique EMI facility for financing Bariatric surgery, On-time consultation assurance and Free of cost post surgery support- to help maintain weight loss for decades to come- are hallmark features of our center.


Mrs. Anjali Khaniwale

Before – 112 kg
After – 62 kg

Rupali Gaikwad

Before – 85 kg
After – 55 kg

Shrirang Kelkar

Before – 111 kg
After – 78 kg

Vijayalaxmi Rajguru

Before – 80 kg
After – 60 kg

Ashwini Madiwale

Before – 108 kg
After – 75 kg

Aparna Warekar

Before – 88 kg
After – 68 kg

Nitin Gote

Before – 128 kg
After – 88 kg

Sakhi Lawate

Before – 107 kg
After – 85 kg

*Results may vary from person to person.


Mr. Shrirang Kelkar

Testimonial 1

Today I completed two full months of no diabetes. I was on Anti Diabetic Medications and used to take 65 units 3 times a day. A surgery and proper diet guidance, helped me A Lot to improve and to keep away my 10yrs old diabetes.

Thanks to Dr. Neeraj for the best surgery and Meena for tireless diet follow up and proper diet guidance… I’ve have changed my lifestyle with 1 he walks, half an hour gym/yoga and ‘easy to follow a diet.’ Thanks to all the Doss team. Lost my 25 kg weight. But more than that I became free from diabetes.

Shrirang Kelkar

Pratap Satav

Testimonial 2

On the occasion of completing 4 years after my surgery today I have lost 108 Kg and waist inch loss is 24 inches in four years after my surgery.

Pratap Satav

Jasmin, Mumbai


As I got back everything in 9 months. I saved 60000 thousand rupees. which i used to spend on Diabetes, BP, Medicine, Tests Fees per month 6000 thousand approx.

Jasmin, Mumbai

Mr Kelkar

माझाच या result वर विश्वास बसत नाहीय्ये की HbA1c प्रथम 12.7 ईतके भयानक होते .व आत्ता 5.4 ईतके नॉनडायबेटीक रिडींग येऊ शकते.
हा एक चमत्कारच वाटतोय. सर्जरी पूर्वी मला एवढा चांगला रिझल्ट मिळेल असं अजिबात वाटलं नव्हतं. वजन कमी झाल्याच्या आनंदापलीकडील हा आनंद मला डॉसने दिला. आभारासाठी माझ्याकडे शब्द नाहीत..

Mr Kelkar

*Results may vary from person to person.

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