Too little too well New school year has just started and my kids were clearing all the clutter in their cupboards. We were surprised to see many unused erasers, pencils,sharpeners, notebooks and so on. I was shocked to see that a lot was unused. As against in corporation school where I take keep moving movement motivational lectures for 10th standard kids their teacher told me that they use only one notebook for all subjects. I realized that a lot of us buy, spend and throw away so much in excess without understanding what we are doing. Do we really need this much? Are we giving away something useful? It is time we sit quietly and evaluate what we have; go back and do a reality check. Do we really need this much? And I’m sure that all of you will also feel the need to unclutter and declutter. And not just physical things but also our minds. The clean mind will lead to clean thoughts and a better attitude towards saving and optimizing what we already have with us. I am applying this to my personal life, my health and my career. For improving my personal life I have decided to reduce my work hours and give more time to my wife, kids and parents. For maintaining good health I have reduced unwanted eating of carbs and am focusing on increasing my fitness. For the betterment of my career I am reducing the number of hospitals I visit to a select few, making myself more predictabilly available at opd on fixed time slots and focusing only on procedures which I am doing in volumes. I am now focusing on weight loss surgery and laparoscopic hernia surgery. I am starting a new concept in hernia called herniology. I am now understanding the benefits of doing too little too well. What about you? What are things in life which you can unclutter and apply this eager to know. Dr. Neeraj Rayate edited by Apurv Rayate