What you think when you eat less to lose weight

1. I will start losing weight because I eat less

2. I will get fitter

3. I will be healthy

What ACTUALLY happens when you eat less to lose weight?

1. You don’t feel full after meal due to less portion sizes

2. You begin to feel hungry within 1-2 hours of eating

3. Frequency of snacks increases due to hunger.

4. Cravings to your favorite foods suddenly appears and rises

5. Fatigue and tiredness due to less food

6. Mood swings, irritability gears up.

Most clients I meet have done such ‘EATING LESS TO LOOSE WEIGHT’ and end up harming their health

than getting fit. After trying eating less and all FAD diets on internet, then people visit a dietitian. By this

time, their body becomes weak due to POOR NUTRITION and start getting into NUTRITIONAL

DEFICIENCIES. Meeting a dietitian and understanding about your body’s nutritional requirement is a


Dietitian’s job is not to give you a DIET CHART but to help you understand about food, requirement of

your body and then make a regime which is REALISTIC for both client and the family.

Meeting dietitian before you start taking up ANY FAD DIET is crucial. This will help you achieve your

FITNESS goals without getting into any nutritional deficiencies.

Hope this clears doubts in your mind. If you have any query about your fitness journey you can contact

me or visit me personally.

Have you tried “EATING LESS” and got similar experience? Feel free to share you experience.

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