Zen experience Late post
Why are you going for a traveling fellowship at this age and stage in your career? I was asked by everyone when I told I am selected.
The day one starts feeling that he has mastered everything and there is nothing new happening in surgical career is the time to move out of your daily rutt and spend some time with stalwarts.
I spent a week with Dr. Roy Patankar sir at his Zen hospital as a traveling fellow sent by Poona Surgical Society (PSS)
Thanks to PSS for such an innovative idea.
It’s not that we don’t have great surgeons in Pune. It’s just that going and attending a surgeon outside your own city probably gives a different perspective.
I shadowed him from morning to night asking every question which stuck me and he was kind enough answering everyone of it. He was so humble that he kept me asking is there anything different way of going about a situation.
I enjoyed and learnt every minute spent at Zen hospital here are few of my takeaways….

1. Innovative thinking in small daily things can make huge difference in patients life eg. Use of ICG in anastomosis.

2. Delegation of work and trusting and encouraging your team is a sign of a real leader.

3. Hardwork is a must at whatever stage in life you are. I saw Roy sir slogging really hard even at this stage of his career

4. Teaching and learning are two sides of a coin. Every effort is made to impart the knowledge to as many as possible

5.Process, process, process. If you have to do volumes you need to have processes in place.

6.As a surgeon you need to understand the logic in any surgery not only technique

7. No technology, instrument, equipment can replace doubtful intraoperative surgical decision

8. Laparoscopic suturing is mandatory skill not an option

9. Revisiting the literature and questioning whats taught is the right way of looking at the subject

Overall my week with Team Zen a Dr. Roy Patankar sir will remain with me all my life.

Thank you all.