Moringa: The Magical Vegetable


Drumstick is found everywhere in India but we haven’t yet recognized this powerful plant yet.

Drumstick leaves has a vibrant Nutritional profile.

Equal amount of Vitamin C as an Orange, More Iron than Spinach, Good plant source of calcium,

highest plant source of Beta carotene (Vitamin A) , good source of all B complex Vitamins and

Magnesium, This leafy vegetable takes the GOLD MEDAL in Green leafy vegetables for being the


Due to its unique blend of micronutrients, Drumstick leaves have answer on various diseases

like Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, inflammation. This age old vegetates is more

relatable TODAY than EVER. Let’s see its benefits in detail.

1. Controls Blood sugars: Moringa leaves have anti-diabetic nature due to its nutrient

profile and rich fiber content.

2. Regulates cholesterol: Moringa leaves have antioxidant, hypolipidemic, and anti-

atherosclerotic properties with the therapeutic potential to prevent high cholesterol,

hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Antioxidant: Studies have proved that moringa leaf extract has high antioxidant activity.

Moringa leaf may prevent the degradation and damage that free radicals cause in the

cells of various organs of the body.

4. Anti- inflammatory: Moringa leaves reduce inflammation through suppression of

inflammatory enzymes and proteins thus help body protect against various cancers &

other inflammatory disorders like Arthritis, IBS.

It’s saddening to see people spending money on lettuce, celery and other exotic vegetables for

nutrition whereas real nutrition is identifying and eating our own vegetables. We need to start

eating local & inculcating these recipes in our everyday meals as our children and next

generations are observing and following us. Let’s set good example in front of them.

Moringa leaf extract/powder is being used in India to cure malnutrition in children, pregnant

mothers in low social economic people & the results are empowering. There are packed

products (power/tablets) of moringa available online, but I would advise to eat fresh

vegetables. Take guidance of expert before consuming packed products,

Recipes: You can make a dry/curry drumstick vegetable, add in your dal/sambar or stuff in