Reached 5000 friends on fb. Anyone who wants to be my friend request to follow me than sending a friend request

This milestone made me happy but I started thinking deeper about milestones in life. Yes this 5000 friends was unintentional or accidental but there are few which I want desperately.

I asked myself which are they?

1. Personal: Being healthy and fit.
Both my parents are diabetic so I have a fear about dibetes thus I want to not only be a healthy but a fit person. I had ran a triathlon to test my fitness few years before but weight had increased by 5kgs in last 2 years. So started exploring different ways to loose weight& lost 2.5 kgs till now.(How in a different post) so still away by 2.5kgs

2. Family: Wife accepting that a person can change.
Me and my wife have a difference of opinion here. She feels a person can never change while I believe there is always a scope for improvement. I am in constant pursuit of bettering myself but the day I will here that from her it will be a family milestone for me. (Tough one na?)

3. Social: I want to impact or influence society at a large regarding health. I am on it exploring different options but yet to find a direction.

It is important to have personal milestones to live a life of fulfillment. These are few of mine.

What about yours?

Would love to know?