DOSS is our obesity and weight loss surgery team.

We began our journey of bariatric weight loss surgery in 2012.

We reached our pinnacle when we had operated on a patient who was weighing 278kgs in 2015,that is the time I had posted this image on fb. Three months after his surgery we attended a press conference called by his friends when his weight went below 200 kgs in just 3 months.

Thank you facebook to remind me the memories of him and the press conference we had two years before.

I called him on this occasion to find out how is he doing in his life two years after his weight loss bariatric surgery?
He is very happy living a enterpreneur’s life and has lost whopping more than 150 kgs approximately in 2 years. He shared to me that he recently did the Ladakh trek also.

It’s really satisfying at the end of day to be a part of such inspiring and transforming life stories.
Are you really reading this dear Abhijeet?

Let our happiness also show path to many more such deserving souls.

Let them gather courage to make the right choice to live a better, healthy and a life full of confidence.

Let their life also be free of challenges because of their excess weight and diseases like diabetes secondary to obesity.