Masik sangeet sabha is a 9 year old tradition started by my parents at my Solapur residence where individuals learning Indian classical music can perform classical singing for 1 hour in front of learned audience who are experts in Indian classical music. It starts sharp at 7 pm on last Saturday of every month and ends exactly at 8pm.
For the first time two years ago my 2 sons sung Indian classical music 30 mins each. The impact of this experience was so profound on them that my elder son Apurv developed deep intrest and pursued it further.
On 27th may 2017- 45th marriage anniversary of aai baba on occasion of masik sangeet sabha Apurva and aai shared dias for performing 30 mins each singing Indian classical music. He was gifted taanpura and my younger son Adwait was gifted tabla for them to continue their interests in Indian classical music.
On both occasions the tradition of masik sangit sabha has created a deep impact on their and our lives.