Area of concern Vs Area of influence

I work in the field of weightloss. We come across everyone whos excess weight is their area of concern. So they keep on exploring ways and means by which they can lose some weight.

Now here are 10 simple ‘MANTRA’ for everyone who wants to loose some kgs and intend to maintain it.

Focus on your area of influence and stick to it all your life not for few days, weeks or months. You may for some reason miss some days but push the restart button and start again don’t stop anytime in life.

The single most important thing required for maintaining good weight is discipline of consistancy. So try and do things which you will be able to do all your life; nothing in extremes and in bursts intermittently. “ANYTHING IN EXCESS EXTREME IS HARMFUL TO LIFE”.

So what’s the circle of influence when it comes to weightloss?

Here are some rules.

1.Mindful eating. Choose what you eat. Don’t be a dustbean. Afterall weight never comes through air. Have you seen a person eating very less getting obese?

2. ‎Watch portions. Use small plate, bowl, spoon.

3. Exercise regularly. Use and build all muscles of body except tongue.

4. ‎‎Speed kills. Eat slowly over 30 minutes.

5. ‎Drink plenty of water.

6. ‎Live happy,spread happiness. Stress is a friend of fat.

7. Sleep well take adequate rest.

8. Talk to experts don’t follow others blindly. Your body is a machine who can be managed by its mechanic not by any tom dick and hary.

9. ‎Taking medicines for small problems is not solution build your inner strength.

10. If your weight is in excess of 30 kgs of your ideal weight consider scientific options for weight loss. Read more about it at www.https://www.https:\/\/ or get in touch with me.

So FOCUS on your area of influence your own body than your area of concern your mind. Your healthy body is the best friend you can have all your life.

If you feel wellness is costly try sickness.