Wealth is 2 Ws
All of us who are on Facebook have data plan to use internet.

We all must be doing some or other savings & investments for a better and brighter future.

In last few months I came across three cases , all of them from affluent families. They were young kids between 18 to 30 years and battling unexpected health issues. All of them were weighing more than 90 kgs with parents also in the same weight range.

Not even one of them had MEDICLAIM (health insurance).
So here are the questions for introspection for all of us.
What is your weight?
What is your waist size?
What is your investment in your health?
What are we doing to be fit and healthy?
Despite our efforts to remain healthy if we fall sick do you have sufficient health insurance?

Here is the secret for more Wealth watch 2 ws
1. W = Weight should be less than 90 kgs for males and 85 kgs for females
2. W = Waist should be less than 90cms for males and 85 cms for females.

The best GIFT you can give to your children is your WELL HEALTH ..invest in your health as an investment in your future.